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  • Let's chat via PM--shoot me a message once you get PM privileges (should be soon since you have 5 posts) and we'll see if it can work.
    Hi wildblueyonder! I will be at the academy on Friday the 19th, for a prep school tour, however we do not yet know the time of the tour. I wondered if you were available to give my family a tour of the Academy? I will find out the time of the tour on Thursday, the 18th. Thank you for your willingness to give others tours! I am hoping something will work out.
    Are you the wildblueyonder YouTube page? I don't mean to bother you, but I had a few questions about your process of getting into USAFA, if you don't mind and have the time
    Blessed to embark on my final year here...feels like a beginning rather than an end in many ways. Thanks to all those who have supported me!
    if you can get it approved, that would be great. i'll make a couple of posts so I can pm you my #. thank you.
    We are going to take the regular tour Thurs that runs from 2-4.30pm. We could try and meet before or get together on Friday if it works for your schedule. He has wanted to follow a cadet around for part of a day to get a taste of what your daily life entails. I understand you are busy so we can work around your schedule. If it doesn't work at all, it is not a problem, thanks wildblue.
    Hi wildblue, I just saw your post concerning appointee tours. My son has an appointment, and we have yet to tour USAFA. We have a normal tour scheduled for Thursday. I know it is short notice, but is there anyway you could meet us and get your version of the appointee tour? We will be in town Thursday and Friday. Please PM me (this is my first post here, so it won't let me PM you) when you see this. Thank you.
    Just returned from an exchange program away from USAFA and am excited to get reinvolved again in January. Only a few months till Ring Dance!
    You are not the first one to think we might be the same, though. :) Good luck to you as you continue the process!
    I just came across one of your responses in a post and wanted to say I love your youtube videos! They have been super helpful to me in understanding the application process. Good luck in the rest of your years in Colorado and beyond!
    Also, if the deadline for appointee tours has passed but he still wants to visit, let me know. I may be able to show him around myself. :)
    Wildblue, we may take you up on this one, as the 4/18 tour may be impossible for us to get to with the Denver flights being canceled. Any chance my son could PM you?
    Absolutely! I think you need to have posted 5 times before you can send a PM, but I would be more than happy to talk with him about it.
    I never went on an appointee tour so I am not 100% sure how the sign-up process works. I would suggest contacting his admissions counselor.
    HI, do you know how my DS can sign up for an appointee visit. He has just received his appointment yesterday and needs to tour to make a decision.
    Thank you. You sound like you love it.
    So blessed to have made it through the 1st semester! It is a privilege and honor to be a cadet here, and I am definitely living the dream.
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