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    Aviation Help

    I'm honored and truly blessed to be in the current "dilemma" that I am in. Last week I got into Naval Academy Prep. I also got into USMA and now I've also received an appointment to USAFA. I love all three academies and am most in love with USAFA and USMA. I want to pursue a career in aviation...
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    Class of 2023 Appointee Kit

    do we have to fill out all of those forms for the security clearance?
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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    wp_classof2023/ self/ no loa/ 20 Feb 2019/ going to accept/ MA/ Congressional and Senatorial/ Direct Appointment -Appointed to usma -Appointed to usnaps
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    Appointment CO 23' Thread

    Hi! I received an appointment to USAFA this past Wednesday(2/20)! MA 07. Going to accept. USNAPS and USMA appointee as well. Keep it going!
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    Potential Pilot Qualified (PPQ)

    if I'm commission qualified for USAFA because I had to receive a waiver for a condition that I didn't have, is it possible to become PPQ during my time at a SA? Is there another medical screening done once you branch into aviation?
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    Disqualified for things I don't have?

    I applied to all three just in case. I haven't received my appointment to USAFA so it's still up in the air
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    Disqualified for things I don't have?

    I was medically DQ'ed by DoDMERB early on the application process. It was really frustrating because everything that they claimed I had, I didn't. When I was in my physical exam I even stated that I did not have these medical issues. Thankfully I was able to get a waiver to USAFA and I'm fairly...
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    Applying to Multiple Service Academies

    By the way! Visit the academies. Go to their summer programs. If you get into all three or even two, it can be hard to choose between them if you're not familiar with the branch, their career opportunities, or the environment at the academy
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    Significance of Civil Air Patrol on application

    I got two noms to usafa(one from my rep and the other from my state senator). My rep gave me a nom to the other two academies that I applied to as well
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    Significance of Civil Air Patrol on application

    I put CAP on my apps. I applied to USMA and USAFA and USNA. My MOC told me I was overqualified for his nomination for USAFA due to my CAP experience -I'm currently a Cadet Commander and C/Lt -Ive staffed 4 encampments -Completed my UDF and GTM quals -Cadet Advisory Council Primary -past EL at...
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    I received two nominations as well to USAFA. One from my rep and one from a senator.
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    Applying to Multiple Service Academies

    Hi! I just finished applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA. I received an LOA to USMA, got into USNA prep and am still waiting to hear back from USAFA. Medical You complete one medical test and all the information from that DoDMERB test will be sent to the three service academies. I recommend you...
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    How are people notified of an appointment to NAPS?

    I was sent an email by USNA admissions about a status change in my portal
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    Waiver Time Frame?

    I have an LOA to USMA and was deemed academically and physically qualified. USMA has requested a waiver for me and I've been waiting since October 2018 to hear back about it. Sooo the wait has been soooo long but I'm hopeful and I've heard back from USNA which is great and USAFA just granted my...
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    Aviation Opportunities at WP

    What are some of the fixed wing aircrafts or helos available to WP officers after graduation and how does that process work. I’m considering USNA and USAFA but I really want to go to WP but I can’t really find a lot of information about their avaiation processes within the academy or what...