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  • Hi, zonker. I was hoping to find a short cut to a post you wrote about studying and getting help, etc that I wanted especially to send along to my PC. I know he knows he has to work hard, and he's always been very good about seeking help when he needs it, but it never hurts to keep reinforcing!

    I thought there might be a list of recent posts here somewhere, but if there is I habven't found it, so I'll have to keep seeking the old fashioned way.

    Thanks for all your wit and wisdom on the boards. I know I appreciate it!
    thank you so much for the compliment!! i certainly hope it is him!!! he does have a usa wrestling tat on his back between his shoulder blades and his initials on his right tricep. he is a very serious kid. in situations like this i know he usually wants to do his best and better than the others if at all possible. when faced with adversity he usually excels. his wrestling career is a testiment of that. he had to overcome "many" wrestling injuries and surgeries and had to push himself to the limits to achieve his wrestling accomplishments. i hope he is approaching this the same way!!! although, we specifically told him and many other people told him "do not do anything to make yourself stand out"!!!!!! one of his friends just finished his plebe year there and just left to go out to sea. his name is dylan kauffman. thanks again!!!
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