1. FutureMarine07

    Happy New Year!

    2018 is coming to a close, and many things have happened, both in the world, in our military, at the Service Academies, in ROTC units, in OCS/OTS/PLC classes, and on this forum. If you wish, reply with important moments this year that happened in the military, at the Academies, in your/your...
  2. R

    Medical Separation 3 months to graduation

    I am at a loss of what to do. I have just been told that I am being medically separated from the Naval Academy, and that I will not be able to graduate or commission. It has been my dream to become a Marine Pilot, and I was selected to do so at service assignment. However, because I sought help...
  3. DoctorShrinker

    Boy's State Application Question

    Hey, everybody. So, I'm a Junior in high school. Aspiring to go to USMA or USNA. I've heard a lot that Boy's State is an extremely good thing to put on any resume let alone one for a Military Academy. When I spoke to my guidance counselor, she told me that the process bases itself from the...
  4. N

    NAPS Class of 2018 Thread!

    Greetings, I was recently offered an appointment to NAPS for the class of 2018 (which of course I accepted) and would like to see who else out there will be attending NAPS with me! thanks, NMCandidate