1. J

    Question about A-Day

    Hey all, Brand new plebe here, just finished the A-Day parade, and I’m wondering, when I’m off post and in my white over gray, do I still have to square my corners and cup my hands? Like if I were to go shopping with my family would I have to do those, or is it just that I have to respect the...
  2. P

    A-Day, guest number limitations?

    In planning family time and lodging for A-Day, are we able to invite family members (grandparents, aunt/uncle)? Will they be able to get visitor passes and go on campus to see DS, the activities and ceremony, or visit DS off campus only? Will it be similar to some events where you can only have...
  3. J

    A-Day Schedule And Information

    Hi everyone. I am a cadet reporting Monday. I know A-Day will be the first chance to get to see loved ones after CBT and that there will be a parade that day; however, I haven’t come across much information besides that. Does anyone know if there is free time to visit with loved ones? For...
  4. aw4125

    What should or shouldn't I bring to West Point on Acceptance Day? (Opinion)

    Hello everyone! My name is **REMOVED**, and I am lucky enough to have been offered an appointment to West Point! I would like the opinion of current/past cadets on something: What are some things you wish you had brought with you on A-day, and what are some things you think I shouldn't bring? I...
  5. Dsmcse

    When is A-Day for the class of 2021

    Trying to make arrangements for A~Day but can't find the date of when it will be held for the class of 2021. Any help would be greatly appreciated!