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    Parents on A Day

    at the end of BCT, on A Day, can my family come for the parade and to visit for the day?
  2. D

    What are my chances of getting into a service academy?

    I have been very dedicated in going to the military after college, and decided that a service acadeny would be a great route if I could get accepted. I am a junior in high school ranked top 4 percent in my class of 240 (gpa 4.0) and am going to get my sat to 1350 or higher (1280 now) by my...
  3. S

    Appointee Tour Date Email with No Appointment

    I received an email today congratulating me on receiving an appointment to USAFA and inviting me to tours at USAFA. I have not received a separate email saying I was offered an appointment nor has my portal updated saying I was accepted. Is it possible that my email was put in the chain for the...
  4. P

    Winner letter/letter of intent and acknowledgment

    If the winner letter is "approved" does that mean my letter of intent was approved?
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    Letter of Intent and Acknowledgement Help

    I uploaded the signed letter of intent and acknowledgement to the "upload file" page on the ROTC website and it didn't show up as even a pending document. So, I uploaded it again thinking I timed out or mis-clicked and it didn't show up again. How do I know if it is uploaded or recieved? Thanks!
  6. G

    Army ROTC 4-Year Scholarship Chances?

    Hello! I have been boarded for the AROTC Scholarship and I am awaiting news about my status but I have to give an update to a coach on where I stand with the AROTC scholarship in the next few days. I am a homeschooler with a 3.8 GPA unweighted which includes all honors classes and AP Chemistry...
  7. C

    Getting into tough academies

    My name is Cody and I am 17 going into my senior year at a private college prep school. I struggled with some personal issues these past couple years and as a result my grades suffered. As of now, I have a 2.7 ( 3.0 in a public school) and play baseball, involved in 4 clubs, and am now starting...
  8. J

    Admissions Process

    Hey I am currently a Junior in high school and had a few questions about the admissions process for both West Point and the Naval Academy. First, if I apply before the start of my Senior year, will the colleges review information on the classes I take Senior year? Also, will they take those...