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    Disnerollment Advice

    I just finished AS 200 year and was on a tech HSSP scholarship. Recently I found out I got disenrolled from AFROTC due to not meeting my scholarship academic standards. I have gotten a bill to pay back my scholarship money; however, I have been told that I could potentially come back to ROTC if...
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    Vision Medical Waiver

    Hello All, I am a Candidate to the AFROTC program and I have already accepted my offer to the scholarship and plan to attend Texas A&M University. Hoping that I would be qualified for the DODMERB, I was hit by a disqualification because of myopia, where my vision is worse than -8.00 diopters...
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    Dodmerb DQ

    Hey guys I’m currently in Airforce rotc and my Dodmerb dqd me for reasons I’m going to list at the end. The waiver did not go through either it’s now the rebutul process which I have no clue what this means I am going to get a second opinion at a different eye doctor don’t know if that will...
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    AFROTC Disenrollment Investigation

    I am currently an AS 300 under disenrollment investigation. I joined in as a crosstown AS 250. I have a 3.8 GPA and a 98 PT score. I haven’t done anything illegal. I am a non scholarship cadet. I am under disenrollment investigation because my Commander feels my leadership skills will not be...
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    AF ROTC and Medical DQ

    Hi Folks - my son just received medical DQ due to a recent physical where a new doc erroneously resurrected a diagnosis from his childhood. Long story short, despite meeting the requirements (twice) for a pulmonary function test, and a note from the doc indicating his remarks were based on...