afrotc disenrollment

  1. A

    afrotc scholarship cadet caught with fake ID

    I have never regretted anything more in my life. I am currently an AS200 on a 4-yr scholarship who had their fake id taken 1 hr ago. I was not in possession of any alcohol, it was confiscated when entering a liquor store with my friends. I am unsure if the store will turn it into the police...
  2. M

    AFROTC DQ and Navy OCS

  3. JD1776

    [AFROTC] Will I get an investigation for dissenrollment?

    I am a rising AS200 on a aero engineering tech major HSSP. AFROTC is my passion and I have a deep desire to be a pilot. I received a 2.2 GPA this semester when taking 16 credits and a 2.4 GPA last semester when taking 19 credits. When I got a CE after my performance last semester, I made sure...
  4. SeanM


    Hello, I am posting here in hope to have some closure as to what will most likely happen regarding my current situation. If there is any insight on what may happen then please feel free to post below. I am not trying to get super personal, i am just seeking information. (cheers) Here is some...