afrotc pilot slot reserves

  1. USAFMitch20

    Chances of getting a Pilot Slot

    I am an AFROTC AS200 cadet. It seems that everyone is asking this question these days, but what do you think my chances of getting a pilot slot are? I have not gone to field training yet and I have 19 flight hours. Here are my scores: Major: Non-Tech GPA: 3.39 AFOQT Pilot: 97 Nav: 61...
  2. K

    Quick question.

    If a person passes AFROTC, but fails pilot training what happens? Does he still have to give ten years active duty, or is it shortened to four in his new job? Because I'm going to give it my all to be a pilot but just in case, I don't want to spend ten years at a desk job.
  3. L

    AFROTC Pilot Slot (Reserves)

    What is the process if I wanted to go into the reserves after I commission. Right now I'm a Junior looking to get a pilot slot. Say I get one would I just go talk to the base I wanna work at and be like hey I have a pilot slot sponsor me. Then does anyone know what the commitment is until you...