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Oct 13, 2017
I am an AFROTC AS200 cadet. It seems that everyone is asking this question these days, but what do you think my chances of getting a pilot slot are? I have not gone to field training yet and I have 19 flight hours. Here are my scores:
Major: Non-Tech
GPA: 3.39
AFOQT Pilot: 97
Nav: 61
Quantitative: 63
PCSM: 71
CSO: 61
ABM: 92

What do y'all think?
@USAFMitch20, you're in a good spot based off of this year's 2 rated boards (the initial board in February and the supplemental board the other day). If you're non-tech you should be able to walk the GPA up a little more before you go up for a board, but that's not for quite some time. Right now just focus on grades, PFA, FT knowledge, and participating/standing out in your detachment. One step at a time, but you're def. headed in the right direction.
I agree you look strong, but you are also looking at 18 months in front of you.
I am an now an AFROTC AS300 cadet. Still wondering what y'all think my chances of getting a pilot slot are as I go up for rated boards this January? I have 22 flight hours. Here are my scores:
Major: Non-Tech
GPA: 3.42
PFA: 95.6
AFOQT Pilot: 97
PCSM: 75
CSO: 61
FT Rank (13/20)
RSS - unknown out of 15

What do y'all think?
If selection rates are like the last few years, odds are good you will get pilot with those stats. HOWEVER, I'd honestly not worry about it and kind of just accept what happens. The Air Force does all kinds of weird stuff when assigning rated slots. A few years back, it was extremely difficult to get a pilot slot. This past fall, a guy from my det who got CSO last spring and didn't even apply for the fall supplemental board was told "Guess what? You're going pilot." I also know guys last spring who got CSO and RPA with stats way higher than yours, and guys with stats way lower than yours who got pilot. Heck, a few decades ago they even had a year where they said "Sorry. We have no pilot slots for anyone." I know it's easier said than done to learn to just relax, but take it from someone who went through it, there's no way to know for sure you'll get a slot, just like at UPT there's no way to know for sure you'll get fighters, even if you're #1 in your class.
I think it looks very good based on what my son had. Your GPA is higher while his PCSM was higher but that was because of more flight hours. My son graduated last may, I would say if you had been in his class, you would more than likely have gotten a spot. Like everyone says, you never know what the Air Force is going to do. You could bring up your PCSM by doing more flight hours. As before, I think you have great chance