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    USAFA Graduating Class Job Breakdown

    Current '21er here and I'm struggling to find anywhere online a breakdown of the recent graduating classes and their jobs. Looking for a list giving the AFSC and the number of grads for the class given that job. If anyone has links or info for recent classes ('17, '18, or '19) and their...
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    Electrical Engineering in the Air Force

    I've recently received my form 53 on which I specify my desired AFSCs and locations (top 6 of both). I'm an electrical engineering student (3.5 GPA) in my junior year. I don't want be doing research at Wright-Patt, which is what I hear is pretty common. My ideal situation is to be stationed...
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    41AX (Health Services Administrator) Information and Timeline

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in possibly pursuing 41 AX (Health Services Administrator) after commissioning through AFROTC. I am a current AS200 and am wondering if anyone has any insight on what the job entails as well as what the timeline is, in order to apply for this AFSC. When should I...
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    GPA to become a developmental engineer

    Hey, So I'm currently at an engineering university as a junior electrical engineering student in the AFROTC with hopes of being an actual electrical engineer in the Air Force. My GPA is about 3.4, I generally get 100 on the PT tests, and I was top 3rd in field training (not that the last two...
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    AFROTC Non-Rated Board 2018-2019

    Does anyone have any info about the timeline of the non-rated board for the Class of 2019 commissioning class?

    Medical Field Options for AFROTC Cadet Majoring in Human Bio

    Hello, I am currently a student majoring in Human Biology at UC Santa Cruz and a first-year AFROTC cadet at San Jose State University. I want to pursue a career in the medical field, however, when looking over the medical jobs that the AF provides are all mainly professional and require the...
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    AFROTC AFSC Dropped, Want to change it

    So yesterday my AFSC dropped as 63A1 (Acquisitions), and frankly, this just sounds like a miserable experience to me. If I wanted to do business, I'd have majored in it and stayed private sector. Additionally, planning and finance just make my eyes glaze over. Personal issues with the field...