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    Where do I start?

    Hi everyone, I turn sixteen this saturday and I am going into my junior year of highschool. I'm younger for my class. As this is my junior year I'm really nervous about the whole 17 before July 1st deal, will I not be able to be accepted? I'm sixteen on August fourth, so in two days. I have a...
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    Are there any AFRTOC scholarships for cadets over age 31?

    Im an older cadet wondering if theres any scholarships for cadets. Wether its through AFROTC or someone else. Thanks
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    Officer Candidates to be assigned according to the needs of the Army

    Hello, my name is Bob. I will be attending ROTC this fall and would like some idea of how Officer MOS selection will work upon commissioning. I am a 26 year old Journeyman plumber, had a 3.83 high school GPA, was concert master violin, and received awards such as best musician. I did not...