1. G

    Current USAFA C/27 Doolie AMA

    Admissions, life at the Academy, etc.
  2. prospective2019

    Your CBT Cadre -- AMA*

    Good morning, I am a rising Firstie and will be Cadre for Cadet Basic Training this summer. I will have a good number of you in my formation. I figure there are probably some questions out there about training, administrative, etc that the underclass on here cannot answer. Feel free to pick my...
  3. Beamer

    C/4C in AFROTC Ask Me Anything

    I want to help some people out that might be curious about life as a freshman the same way I got help last year. For some background, I am a freshman in AFROTC on scholarship that is currently reapplying to USAFA. I got a USMA appointment, but chose the AFROTC scholarship. I am majoring in...
  4. ET3toMid

    Current Firstie (senior) at USNA, AMA

    Enlisted, NAPS, USNA, Detailer, selected for Subs, feel free to ask me anything about the process. I know this board is very dedicated to score/nominations but I think there are a lot of perspectives currently being at USNA could answer vs an Old Grad (no offense, Sir/Ma'am). Will check in on...