appointment accepted

  1. S

    Traffic Citation - Specific Case and Timing

    I am aware that there are many posts on this subject, but I was unable to find satisfactory answers for my stage in the application process. I received and accepted an appointment to USAFA in mid-February. Today, I received a traffic citation for following too closely with a fine of about 250...
  2. C

    After receiving appointment

    I have recently accepted an appointment from USAFA. I am wondering what I am allowed to bring to the academy, I know I should get boots but can I bring running shoes or a running watch? Do you get to bring any over the counter meds, I know you have to pack light but I'm just curious what I'll be...
  3. Honey_Badger

    Appointment Accepted - Next Steps for a Prior-Enlisted Soldier

    Good morning! I was offered (and accepted) appointment to the Academy as a prior-enlisted candidate this morning. I've been in the Minnesota National Guard as an 11B - Bradley Crewman and SAW Gunner in a Mechanized Unit for the last five years. I am also currently working at Minnesota's Joint...