1. spencerwood9

    ROTC Selection Status

    So I applied for an Army ROTC scholarship and it says on the Selection Status, "Boarded/Under Consideration: This applicant was boarded by out October 2021 Selection Board and unfortunately did not received a scholarship offer from that board. This applicant remains eligible to receive a...
  2. W

    Aviation Help

    I'm honored and truly blessed to be in the current "dilemma" that I am in. Last week I got into Naval Academy Prep. I also got into USMA and now I've also received an appointment to USAFA. I love all three academies and am most in love with USAFA and USMA. I want to pursue a career in aviation...
  3. US2021

    Highschool Advice Please

    Hello! I am a 13 year old female heading into 9th grade and am interested in the military academies! I have been looking into them for years and have especially been drawn towards the Naval Academy/Air Force Academy! I am the first person in my family to be born in America, but serving the U.S...