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    Waiver situation

    So I went to meps for the army for the first time and they told me to go to a dermatologist for my upper arms which were red. My dermatologist said it's keratosis pilaris and won't affect my military service but meps still wanted me to come back for a consult so, I went to there dermatologist...
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    Is Active Duty a Requirement?

    I'm 19 and i received a 3 year scholarship for Army ROTC at college. I sign my contract next year but i have a few questions. My end goal would be Army Reserves. Im a business major and i want to start my business career when i graduate as well as serve in the military so obviously Reserves is...
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    I need to make a decision by Tuesday.

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. I'm a high school senior set on UC Davis as an Electrical Engineering major. Long story short I was approached by recruiting officers who wanted me to join the Army Reserve during college. I have no prior knowledge whatsoever about any college...