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  1. F


    Hi, my name is Leo. I will be a sophomore when I start AFROTC. I have an allergy to shellfish (I was not advised to carry an epipen, though I was provided a prescription in case I wanted one. Which I didn't, so I just carry benadryl to take in case of a reaction and if it doesnt go away I...
  2. J

    Air Force ROTC vs Army ROTC for CS majors

    Hey, first of all, thank you for reading. I am a college sophomore majoring in Math and Computer Science. I am interested in joining an ROTC program. Both ROTC and AFROTC are cross town for me, but since I live in NYC it is not really that much of a big deal. I have some trouble deciding which...
  3. M

    ANG ROTC Options

    Greetings, I am a member of the air national guard currently attending college. Ever since I joined I've been very interested in making that transition from enlisted to officer. Before I go to the ROTC office on my campus I want to gather as much information as possible. Even though I am in the...
  4. hardknock96

    Brother wanting to become a nurse in the military

    My brother decided to follow a path of becoming a Nurse, in the Army or Air Force. I want to help him with his goal. I know of the process concerning the qualifications needed, and how boards and these scholarships work; however, I don't know so much of how the nursing world works and he what...