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    I am a member of the air national guard currently attending college. Ever since I joined I've been very interested in making that transition from enlisted to officer. Before I go to the ROTC office on my campus I want to gather as much information as possible. Even though I am in the air force, army rotc caught my attention due to the different branching opportunities offered that would not be offered in the air force (combat arms). I know one competes for their branch and it is very competitive. I know it is possible for me to do arotc and be a member of the ANG at the same time. I was wondering, since I went to air force basic and advanced training would I be able to enter directly into the arotc advanced course, or would I have to complete the arotc basic course as well? It also says people with prior military service cannot attend the leader's training course, but I do not know if they specifically were referring to service in the army. Can ANG do SMP in army rotc or does the SMP program not exist for them? I ask because on the ANG website it said to inquire if your state had an SMP program and that ANG were allowed to do ROTC and be members at the same time. If instead choose air force rotc would I qualify for direct entry into the POC course or would I have to take the basic course as well?

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