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    AROTC Interview?

    Hey again! I haven't found anything online that really gives any insight on what is asked in the ROTC scholarship interview. I just wanted to see if anyone could give me insight on what is asked in the interview, how long it is, where it is etc. Thank you!
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    Bad Grades on ROTC Scholarship Application?

    Hello! Thank you for all the replies in advance. I am applying for the Army ROTC scholarship as a senior next year. Unfortunately, a lot occurred this year and my grades dropped, but my previous years show outstanding academics. My GPA is probably going to be a 3.2 or higher, but how should I...
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    Boarded 1 round

    Hey all, I was boarded the first selection board and was slotted for a Ike Skelton ECP, and I turned it down. Does that mean my application is out of the running for this selection round until the third one in March, or am I just supposed to wait for the results of this selection board?