arotc waiver

  1. C

    ROTC - DoDMERB Tree Nut Allergy Waiver Concern

    Hey everyone, I have seen threads similar to my question, but not exactly the same as mine. I received a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I am currently going back and forth with DoDMERB about waivers and medical history and all of the things I am sure you all are aware of. My current status...
  2. HBCU-Dad

    AROTC Waiver(s) Required

    Hi everyone, I have searched the board and have not seen this issue posted, so apologies if this is a repeat question. My daughter’s Army ROTC Scholarship Application Selection Status is pending due to test scores (960 SAT). According to the website waiver section: “GPA, ACT and/or SAT...