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    Chester Midshipmouse-- Chapter Book For MidSibs

    Wanted to briefly mention this book that was recently published. It is about several generations of mice that live in the ceilings of Bancroft Hall, who have as their role models the students who live in the rooms below. The book follows the life of Chester, a young midshipmouse. Grandfather...
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    Exterminators, Rats, and Bancroft

    We (parents) have seen the Snapchat pictures of the events in Bancroft in the last 48 hours. We (parents) collectively have the same question: How often, if ever, are professional exterminators called to Bancroft to exterminate? Is there a way to treat the ceilings as well as the walls...
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    Summer Block and All The Mids' "Stuff"

    When USNA ends ac year in May-June, are the mids allowed to leave all their "stuff" , such as winter uniforms, in Bancroft in a portion of the dorm that is not used for PS, do they bring it all home, or do they take it to their sponsor's house for the summer? Sorry if this sounds like a...