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Aug 10, 2016
Wanted to briefly mention this book that was recently published. It is about several generations of mice that live in the ceilings of Bancroft Hall, who have as their role models the students who live in the rooms below. The book follows the life of Chester, a young midshipmouse. Grandfather Nimitz Mouse gives advice to the young shipmice and shipmice plebes. The book is written at about a 5th grade level, and it can help younger midsibs understand about the workings of the Yard in an entertaining and humorous way. It would also make a good read-aloud for even younger midsibs. The last few pages are a glossary of naval terms used during plebe summer and ac year.

The author is Susan Weisberg. I do not know the author and am not affiliated with the publisher. I just think the book will make a cute gift idea for a midsib birthday or holiday gift. Those of us parents with a large sense of humor might be buying it for our current mid. :D
Ms. Weisberg was kind enough to give me an advanced copy of this book. I noticed how up to date she describes the I-Day/Plebe Year experience...Here's a picture from the book...


I guess she was trying to replicate something from this picture...


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One more thing...If you haven't figured it out already, Ms. Weisberg also emphasized the feet problem plaguing all midshipmen today...Notice the enlarged/swollen feet...

Reference: Washington Post Article


Pssst...Hey Navy...try googling "Dr. Scholl's" or "orthotics"...
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Is there going to be a chapter about when a mouse finds out his friend got sent to nuke school?
How come all I can picture is the Tales of Peter Rabbit... and the Midshipmice getting chased and trapped by mean Midn McGregor!