1. FØB Zero

    Boots (and comfort in them)

    Just got oakleys ~last week. First time I wore them they tore up the backs of my heels. Wore them again yesterday and they reopened the scabs. Is this normal when breaking them in? What can I do to prevent this/further blistering?
  2. B

    Boot Memo 2025

    Considering the release of the new admissible packet (and boot memo) on April 1st, I was curious what brands and specific boots people will be buy to conform to the specifications depicted below. There are quite a few caveats as to what qualifies for CBT and I would appreciate any input on the...
  3. iprefer2024

    Class of 2024 boots and low quarters

    Hey, I just wanted to point out something I found on the west point website. If anyone is wondering what boots/low quarters they can start breaking in, there is a link attached. I believe admissions will issue the boot letter sometime in the near future, so it might be better to wait on that...
  4. B

    Best Boots for Beast

    Hi, I am currently deciding between the Garmont t8 Bifida and the Khyber II tr550 for Beast Barracks. What are the pros and cons of both boots regarding durability, fit, water resistance, drying, weight and quality? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. A

    Propper Combat Boots

    I was looking into combat boots for USMA and my local army navy store sells AR 670-1 compliant Propper Series 100 8 Inch boots. Are these allowed at USMA? If not, what boots are authorized?
  6. R

    Boots to Ruck

    Hello all, I'm a AROTC MS2. Last year I purchased some off-brand combat boots at my local outdoors store. They were actually pretty great, but my battalion does a lot of rucking and they fell apart in less than a year. Since there is no-where near me that I can purchase a new pair, I have to...
  7. W

    Purchasing Boots On-Post

    So I have ordered three pairs of boots, and none of them seems to fit quite right. I'll be driving in the vicinity of Fort Hood this weekend, and was hoping to go to one of the stores there so I can actually try on the boots. As an accepted candidate, am I allowed onto the base for this...
  8. U

    First boots - coyote brown?

    DS is going to CIET and is noncontracted, but he needs to get boots. Was looking at Garmont T8 NFS but boots won't be here until June/July so too late. And I thought Coyote Brown was the new AR 670 color, but DS is saying Desert Sand. So do we just go for a decent boot that is Desert Tan and...
  9. fightingfalcon2020

    Boots Question

    I recently reviewed the Appointee Instructions booklet for the Class of 2020 and I saw the boots have to be 8", Sage Green, Goretex liner, and no steel toe. My question is, are boots such as Nike SFB's allowed? If not, I was just going to get a pair of Belleville 650's. I was just wanted to...