1. J

    Chaplain Candidate Questions

    Just was informed by my PMS that my Ed Delay was approved for the Chaplain Program to be a Chaplain Candidate. My question was if as a cadet I can help provide religious accommodations to cadets in my program or do I wait until commission. I know Chaplain Candidates do as lieutenants do while...
  2. FØB Zero

    Why Apply to Many Branches?

    Out of curiosity, why would some applicants apply to several SAs that do not share similar environments/career options? Is there not one significantly preferred branch he/she/you would aim for (i.e. if, hypothetically, you apply to 2 SAs, but prefer the AF, why not just aim for...
  3. C


    I know that the Active Guard Reserve is an option for officers. From what I have seen, you cannot commission into the AGR from ROTC, as"you must be pending discharge from your component" ( Is it hard to get into AGR as an officer before your discharge? Is it very competitive...
  4. C

    Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade

    I'm a marketing student in ROTC. Can I branch into the Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade? If so, what branch does that fall under?
  5. C

    TAB Test

    What exactly is the TAB Test? I took it MSI year and I'll have to take it again now that I'm an MSIII. Does it affect your branching or component at all? Army ROTC by the way. All info is welcome. Thanks!