Jul 18, 2019
What exactly is the TAB Test? I took it MSI year and I'll have to take it again now that I'm an MSIII. Does it affect your branching or component at all?

Army ROTC by the way.

All info is welcome. Thanks!
From Clemson's AROTC Orange Book:

Talent Assessment Battery (TAB) ➢ Cadet Talent Evaluation (CTE; cadre evaluation) The TAB is only in TM, not the Accessions OML (no involvement in component selection). Results from the TAB, CTE and Cadet files drive the Cadet’s branch talent score for each branch. Also, drives the recommendation to the Cadet on what branches they should consider listing as their top preferences. Branch Talent Score is one of multiple inputs to DABM; “Human Board” validates DABM results. Due to the rapid changes of OML and Branching, the PML will brief the yearly changes.

Recommend as always that you check with your unit to confirm any details since, well, things do change and this is a relatively new tool I believe.

Good luck.
I have heard from cadre at my school that the TAB test will have more sway in determining our branch this year than the OML. Cadre said the OML will only be used for tie breakers