1. K

    Cell Phone Reception at West Point

    Our DS calls home from WP as much as possible from his cell phone (Verizon), but the connection is always terrible, regardless of where he calls from. Would gladly switch to another service if we thought it would improve. For those who have service with Verizon, does anyone have any feedback...
  2. J

    Cellphone Carrier for USNA?

    Hi Everyone. I know that The Yard (especially Bancroft) is notorious for having poor reception and I have experienced this during my few stays at USNA. I have used T-Mobile for awhile and heard from other midshipmen that it was the worst. This was 2 years ago and things certainly might've...
  3. fightingfalcon2020

    Communication with Family during Academic Year?

    This has been something I've been wondering about and I've done some research, but I was hoping you all could provide me with some more insight. I'm not worried about communicating during BCT because I know the restrictions. On the other hand, I still don't understand how the whole "cell phone"...