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    Energy Boost before CFA?

    Something that just came to my mind.. Are you allowed to drink pre workout, energy boost drinks, coffee, etc right before the CFA in order to increase the energy you have to do it without being completely winded? Are there are rules against it?
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    CFA Pass/fail

    Hello, I’m taking my CFA for my USAFA application in about two weeks! However, I’m extremely nervous because I know it is pass/fail. I do not meet the average scores on some of the physical tests but on others I exceed it. My question is that what qualifies you to fail your CFA? I am dreading...
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    My Application

    Hey guys, I have wanted to go to USAFA since I was a kid. My mom came to the US as a Chinese immigrant, and got her MBA in Business. We've worked really hard, and I want to give back to the United States while also following my passion. My dad was in the Air Force for over 20 years, and I too...