1. hbrady

    What to expect—CGA Bear's Day

    Last April I attended "Bear’s Day" at the Coast Guard Academy. Since Bear’s Day is coming up this April, I thought I’d make a thread about some important things to know/bring/wear. PRE-BEAR’S DAY If you are reading this far enough in advance, I’d highly recommend reaching out to someone at the...
  2. tlfrancis289

    Senior Year Courses

    Hello all, As my senior year approaches, we are choosing classes. I have been part of a select chorus group (it is a class at my school) since freshman year. Right now, I have to option to take that for senior year, or AP Chemistry or Physics. My overall GPA in science is a 3.857 unweighted...
  3. tlfrancis289

    AIM 2019 Question

    Hello, I am attending AIM Session I this summer (from Colo!) It is reccomended to bring one bag. Would that be a backpack or a duffle or a suitcase? What would you reccommend? -Tom
  4. tlfrancis289


    Hello everyone, attending the CGA has been my dream for quite some time now. I recently received the good news regarding my appointment to AIM. I am attending session 1 and am hopeful for some advice on how to prepare for the PFE and overall how to mentally prepare to be yelled at by the...