Mar 2, 2019
Last April I attended "Bear’s Day" at the Coast Guard Academy. Since Bear’s Day is coming up this April, I thought I’d make a thread about some important things to know/bring/wear.

If you are reading this far enough in advance, I’d highly recommend reaching out to someone at the CGA. If you are interested in doing a sport at CGA, I would suggest reaching out to the coach of that sport. I suggest this because, during Bear’s Day, you could potentially meet him/her. Additionally, I would recommend reaching out to your admissions officer.

If you are not interested in reaching out to a coach, I would recommend contacting your admissions officer.

“Recruit me” information: https://uscgasports.com/information/recruiting
Admissions officer information: https://www.uscga.edu/admissions-officers/

I believe that it is important to at the very least contact your admissions officer so that when you arrive, you can introduce yourself and allow him/her to put a name to a face. THIS WILL GO A LONG WAY

SCHEDULE (approximate):
  • You will arrive and have time to ask questions to anyone standing around. You will also probably be able to look around the little "Coast Guard history museum” area (if you can you should definitely look around)
  • You will attend an admissions brief
    • There's a lot of useful information given during the admissions brief so you might want to bring a pen and paper to take notes
  • You will be paired off with a cadet and you will attend some of his/her classes
  • Your parent(s) will have the option to attend a parent’s lunch—YOUR PARENT(S) SHOULD DEFINITELY ATTEND THE PARENT’S LUNCH. My dad told me the food was good and he also got to talk to someone from admissions who answered all of his questions (I used some of the advice he received for my application).

  • You will most likely do a lot of walking
  • It will probably be cold, and if not cold, windy
  • Come prepared with questions to ask and also ideas of what you want to see

Business Casual is recommended.


Khakis and a polo or collared shirt are always good options. A nice jacket for the cold is also a good idea.

Black pants or jeans that are not ripped are solid choices. A nice blouse, sweater, etc. and jacket are good options. I’d suggest wearing minimal jewelry and makeup.

  • Wear good walking shoes
  • Avoid too much fragrance (cologne, perfume, or other)
  • Look presentable

You never know who is taking notes, so it is always best to look and be your best. When in doubt, dress up rather than dress down.

I hope this helps! Enjoy Bear’s Day!
Great advice above. If you are making an appointment to meet with a faculty member, you can find their email at uscga.edu.