civil air patrol

  1. C

    Advice on Extracurriculars/Sports

    Im a hybrid homeschool high school sophomore and I have a list of extracurriculars/sports that I am doing and plan on doing. I would like some advice on whether or not they are good options or if I am missing out on some better Extracurriculars. At my school, I’m currently doing “Servant...
  2. L

    Sea Cadets vs Civil Air Patrol

    My high school child is interested in attending a military academy. Our city offers Civil Air Patrol (Air Force) and Sea Cadets (Navy). He likes both academies. Any thoughts on choosing one over the other? Would all academies see it as favorable, regardless if it was related to their area of the...
  3. cousmma5280

    Colorado-2020 Summer Encampment @ USAFA-CANCELLED

    FYI Colorado Wing-Civil Air Patrol 04/06/2020 COWG Members, I regret to inform you that I have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 COWG Summer encampment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In conversations with our partners, it has not been possible to confirm the availability of...
  4. N

    Significance of Civil Air Patrol on application

    I would assume that the air Force academy would give some credit to involvement in CAP, but to what extent? Currently, I am a C/SMSgt and hold several leadership roles at my squadron, but I intend to be a C/2ndLt by late June. Hypothetically, if I were not a cadet officer when I applied, would...
  5. craiyan2

    Civil Air Patrol

    Hi- this might be slightly off topic, but I want to talk about CAP. I emailed a squadron captain nearest to me, and he told me I would have to attend three meetings, the first starting tomorrow, to get to know one another before I can join. Has anyone had experience joining CAP for the first...
  6. LJ-USAF-22

    Tips on distributing Extracurricular time

    Hello, I am a sophomore currently with the highest possible grades in the hardest classes available who tries to participate in multiple extracurricular activities. However, the inherent problem with this is that these extracurricular activities conflict many times per week. My biggest conflic...
  7. 9

    Coast Guard Auxiliary?

    Hi, im a 16 year old junior and will be turning 17 soon. To join the Coast Guard Auxiliary one must be 17 years old. Would joining the CG auxiliary, for the 7 months i'm eligible before I apply to the coast guard class of 2021, help my chances significantly or at all?