Tips on distributing Extracurricular time


Jan 22, 2016

I am a sophomore currently with the highest possible grades in the hardest classes available who tries to participate in multiple extracurricular activities. However, the inherent problem with this is that these extracurricular activities conflict many times per week. My biggest conflic as of late is Civil Air Patrol and my Track/Cross Country season. As a varsity athlete on the track team I travel for whole days to track meets (and soon varsity cross country meets) and many to all of these meets conflict with Civil Air Patrol. I have been in Civil Air Patrol for just over a year and I am trying to develop it into something more than just a membership. I have recently gotten selected to be a flight sergeant at my state's encampment, but these things are harder to do when I have to constantly miss meetings for months on end. My goal is to be an officer by around October/November 2016 and from there be the Cadet Commander of my squadron, but how do I actively lead a squadron of 30 cadets when I have another obligation of sports? I understand both are very important to succeed in receiving an appointment to the Academy, but how should I go about placing my priorities? Should I skip track meets for Civil Air Patrol and potentially be detrimental to my team or miss the Civil Air Patrol meetings where I also have obligations. What is more important for admissions and how should I go about this situation? Thank you for your time in reading this and giving input.