color blind

  1. E

    Should I Ask About Medical Waiver?

    I've currently been disqualified by DoDMERB for some minor and major things; one major thing is color vision deficiency. I have not heard back from admissions or DoDMERB except for the "Under Waiver Review" that is posted on the website, and I know that USNA gives out very few waivers for my...
  2. ma25

    Color Vision Deficiency Waiver Granted for NROTC DODMERB

    DS had been preparing for USNA since 7th grade. He failed the Ishihara Pip test at the DodMerb Physical. We knew it would be a very slim chance to get a color vision waiver and appointment even though he's pretty awesome :) . After receiving the TWE for USNA we thought all hope was lost. He...
  3. W

    I have "mild" red/green color blindness; How does this limit my options for ROTC?

    I am interested in doing ROTC, but I am concerned about my "mild" red-green color blindness. My diagnosis of "mild" red-green color blindess came from an online test, not an official examination. My first choice would be Navy, but I am willing to do ROTC for any branch of the military. I have...
  4. S

    Color Vision DQ: Reapplying

    Good evening everybody, I unfortunately received my TWE back in early march due to Color Vision Deficiency. While this is very heartbreaking, considering it's something you can't even control, I know that USNA can grant a max of 2% of the upcoming class a Color Vision Waiver (approximately 24...
  5. RyeBread

    New Colorblindness Test

    My son is a USCGA Scholar's program candidate pending a Medical Waiver for Colorblindness. The Scholar's Handbook indicates a favorable waiver if the candidate passes the Farnsworth exam, which he did. However, we were informed this week that he must take a newly instituted test, Waggoner...
  6. NavyXC939

    Color blind but talented recruited athlete

    Hello everyone! At the end of last year, I was sent a letter from the USNA Head Cross Country Coach and after looking more into USNA, it became my dream school. I have emailed back and forth many times now with the XC coach, and he seems quite interested. For anyone who has an idea of how good...
  7. R

    Colorblindness and the Academy

    Good afternoon. My son, a sophomore in high school, is interested in applying to the Naval Academy. He is colorblind. Does this lessen or eliminate his chances of being accepted or merely preclude him from certain positions? Thanks in advance.