color vision

  1. merthofstadter

    Color Vision Deficiency

    Hi everyone, I've got red-green color vision deficiency. I can figure out lantern, cone test and other all except ishihara. Can I get accepted from USAFA and become a Warcraft Pilot or another professions. Thank you.
  2. ma25

    Color Vision Deficiency Waiver Granted for NROTC DODMERB

    DS had been preparing for USNA since 7th grade. He failed the Ishihara Pip test at the DodMerb Physical. We knew it would be a very slim chance to get a color vision waiver and appointment even though he's pretty awesome :) . After receiving the TWE for USNA we thought all hope was lost. He...
  3. S

    NROTC-MO Medical Requirements

    Hey! I can't remember if I found the answer somewhere, and when I tried doing some research and couldn't find the answer either. For NROTC-MO, does color vision matter? I know for USNA could go MO if you are color deficient, and for regular NROTC they almost never hand out color vision waivers...
  4. S

    Color Vision DQ: Reapplying

    Good evening everybody, I unfortunately received my TWE back in early march due to Color Vision Deficiency. While this is very heartbreaking, considering it's something you can't even control, I know that USNA can grant a max of 2% of the upcoming class a Color Vision Waiver (approximately 24...