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    Somewhat Vague AMI Request

    Today in my DODMERB portal I was sent a request for an AMI concerning my disqualification for a head injury (very minor concussion in 8th grade). The request used specific enough language that I believe I should be able to satisfy it pretty easily, but I was a little confused as to why it didn't...
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    Concussion Disqualification

    I posted about this in the DoDMERB section but I figured that this would be more active and it does also pertain to USMA. I was diagnosed with a concussion my sophomore year of high school in a football game, I was cleared within the week and played the next game. I've had no lasting effects...
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    Possible concussion DQ?

    Currently filling out the DoDMERB medical history survey, it asked about concussions and after reading some posts here talking about getting a DQ for one I'm a bit worried. I was diagnosed with a concussion my sophomore year playing football, I was completely symptom free after about 4 days and...
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    MEPS and DoDMERB

    I'm sure you are all fed up with these posts, but my recruiters are clueless (as expected). When you go to MEPS I know you need documentation for a lot of things, I have had a concussion in the past (no loss of consciousness) and a piece of bone pulled off my finger by a ligament back in middle...
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    LOA with nomination-- pending waiver

    Hello All, I am in need of some advice with my application process. I have had an LOA since early March and have been deemed medically disqualified since February 23rd. I am a recruited athlete and currently have an offer to another university with a big scholarship (that can be taken away any...