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Mar 28, 2017
Hello All,
I am in need of some advice with my application process. I have had an LOA since early March and have been deemed medically disqualified since February 23rd. I am a recruited athlete and currently have an offer to another university with a big scholarship (that can be taken away any day now). Navy has and will be my first choice, but if I do not receive waivers then I would like to take my back up plan. I am currently disqualified for a herniated disc in my back, post concussions symptoms, and another disqualification for medicine taken for concussion symptoms more than twice within the last year. My Dodmerb portal has read "Pending waiver submission/review" for over a month now. I was wondering if any of you have advice on how to check in with the process, keep the ball rolling, and essentially making sure that someone is on top of my medicals? If so, what are the emails and numbers I should be calling? I want to wait as long as possible, but with all of these disqualifications I am scared I will lose Navy and my back up plan in the meantime. Thank you!
If you are a recruited athlete wouldn't the coach be your best contact for expediting the waiver process? They want you to go to the service academy almost as much as you do. That is where I would start.
Someone in another thread.... NavyHoops maybe?.... said if you accept your bid with scholarship then get your appointment you are not on the hook at the regular college because service academies are military programs. They also said to double check with the NCAA regarding eligibility.

This is how I remember it, but if you know me I could have remembered that exactly backwards. Use the forum search box for keywords like recruited, eligibility, athlete, etc.
That is my understanding still to this day, but I always defer to NCAA for final ruling.
Yes I have been in touch with the coach but at this point I believe it is out of his hands as well. Thanks!
Thank you very much! I would really like to avoid doing that because I declined my offer initially and then the coach gave it back to me. Morally I would feel terrible if I took someone else's scholarship opportunity and then left the coach without his only recruit for this incoming class. I do have to keep it in mind if matters do come down to that. Thank you the link was helpful!
There may be 10 or 20 guys behind you waiting on your USNA spot, but there are 10-500 guys waiting or hoping for your regular college spot. If you took the scholarship then left for Navy - because well, who wouldn't? - they would find another kid to give it to before you even finished the email. You have to do what is best for you. Remember, you can't help other people unless you help yourself first. You may be promised the scholarship but those funds aren't disbursed until you at least graduate from high school and you will know waaayyy before then.
Alex, if you re-injured while at the other college, what happens to your scholarship? Will you be able to stay there and continue? That is not an issue at USNA. I hope that is clear to you. Best of luck!
Yes I have been in touch with the coach but at this point I believe it is out of his hands as well. Thanks!

The decision may be out of the coaches hands but that does not mean that he is out of the loop. My DD was also waiting for a waiver when the coach told her that he has heard that DD will get good news in a few days. So, if you are a recruited athlete, the coach is your best bet for nudging the process.
Feel free to reach out to the USNA NCAA compliance officer. If you google it the roster for NAAA comes up and lists them. I understand your tug of war as I was in a similar spot many moons ago. Bottom line, I should have accepted my scholarship and waited on USNA. I didn't do that. I recommend you do. Don't worry, you back our... trust me, they will find another person. Recruiting is a business, you have to look at it that way.