1. ElectedTuna

    WA Nominations

    Hi everyone, I submitted my nomination applications to my senators in Washington about a month ago and haven't heard back yet. I talked with someone today and they told me there are no interviews for senators. I had my congressional nomination interview today and they said my application was...
  2. B

    Nomination Interviews: What to Expect?

    I will be attending three separate congressional interviews for potential nominations, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect at these interviews? Is it similar to, for instance, the USAFA ALO interview (in terms of question types)? Anything anybody has regarding the...
  3. tommyboy44

    MOC Board Interviews

    Hello everyone. Though this announcement is less than stellar compared to some of the appointments and LOA's going out, today I was noticed by my Congressman and both of my Senators that I have been selected for nomination interviews. All three of these interviews are a board interview style...
  4. BmiraiC


    Hi, my name is Briana, and I am a prospective student for the Academy. I have been to the Summer Seminar and have been approved to candidate status just a while ago. I am very serious about entering the USAFA. I've gathered most of LORs, and I'm currently filling out apps for my congressmen...
  5. G

    When to contact Congressmen?

    Hello all, I'm a Junior applying for the class of 2021 - I was wondering if now was an appropriate time to contact my respective congressmen. I know many are still sending out their nominations and many of their websites haven't updated yet (The due date still says 2015). I want to contact them...