1. M


    Hello Everyone! This is my first post on this website, I have been on it a lot but I made an account because I have a few questions about CVW. The first one is about my parents coming with my siblings. I have 2 younger siblings, and my parents plan on coming, are my siblings allowed to ride...
  2. H

    Significance of Candidate Visit Weekend Invite?

    Hello good people of the Service Academy Forms, I just received an invitation to Candidate Visit Weekend weekend, and I’m trying to decide how to proceed. Baseline facts: Attended Summer Seminar USNA is my #1 choice I feel like I know enough about what I’m getting myself into to go to USNA...
  3. J

    Candidate Visit Weekend Rescinded - Thoughts?

    Hi all - I have a question for the son was invited to a candidate visit back in March but then had the visit rescinded as he was also invited to summer seminar. Via e-mail, the administration office indicated that even though his candidate visit would be given to someone who was not...
  4. hbrady

    CVW advice from a recent drag

    About a month ago I was fortunate enough to attend a CVW at the Naval academy. It was such an amazing experience, and it assured me that USNA is where I want to go. Before CVW, I searched everywhere for information about what to wear to CVW (as a female), and I found next to nothing. I decided...