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    Benefits/Drawbacks of Validating Calculus?

    so i know that validation at USMA happens when you take USMA’s test for the course during Beast, and if you do good on it, they let you move up. I also have learned that there are specific courses that you can validate with an AP Exam score, one of them being the econs/business course with a 5...
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    Computer sciences while color blind in marines

    As the title says, what type of jobs would be available to me in the computer science or cyber field inside of the marines while being colorblind.(apologies if I posted this in the wrong area)
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    Advice for successful path to ROTC scholarship

    Trying to assist my daughter in decisions to make her competitive for an ROTC scholarship. Grateful for any feedback. She’s starting her junior year, undecided on specifics but certain of career in military and favoring cyber security or flying, any branch. Academics- without adding additional...