1. O

    Advice for a new DO? (AF cyber squadron)

    I'm transferring into a DO position, first time in that roll, at a squadron at a new base. Anyone have advice? Thank you in advance!
  2. Q

    Branch Selection Questions

    Hello, I wrote in one of my nomination essays that I might want to become a cyber operations officer. Can you become one through West Point? I don't want to look like I didn't do my research. I don't see it here, but I saw it on another website.
  3. Q

    USMC Cyber Warfare 1702 MOS

    Good morning, Everyone. I know in my last post, I said I am majoring in Engineering as an NROTC Marine-Option next year, but with all of the activity in cyberspace, "the new frontier", I am considering pursuing the new 1702 Cyber Warfare MOS. A buddy of mine from Virginia is joining the USMC as...
  4. G

    AROTC OML/Competitiveness

    Hi, just wondering if some army branches are less competitive and/or have a lower OML standard for rotc. For example, if I want to go into the Cyber Branch which as far as I know is expanding, would it be easier by OML standards to be placed as active duty in Cyber than another branch? Also what...

    USAF AFSC 17D Information

    Hello, Its been a while (a couple years lol) since I posted something here. Hopefully, for those who are interested or know people who are interested in Cyberspace Operations for the USAF you'll find this information helpful. 1. What is a 17D? Someone who is designated the AFSC "17D" is...
  6. N

    Navy officer rates, vs other branches

    Hi everyone, I interested in a few careers in several branches. I am looking at navy officer rates Intel, IP, Cryptology, and Cyber Warfare. I am planning on studying CS or Info security, but am not sure which degree would be best for these rates; I am also not sure what the difference is...
  7. ktnatalk

    Center for Cyber Security Studies building

    From the newest edition of Shipmate magazine, this is what the new Center for Cyber Security Studies building will look like. Construction is said to start this fall.
  8. M

    USMA vs MIT

    I am presently a Senior in high school and I have been fortunate enough to get into several schools that I never thought I would be able to. I am set on studying computer science and I have narrowed down my choices to West Point or MIT on a full ROTC scholarship. I am struggling to make a...