1. L

    Cybersecurity at the Academy

    Hello there! I've been offered admission to USAFA and I'm super excited to attend especially since I've heard good things about the Cybersecurity Program. After researching a ton about the cyber program at the academy I couldn't find any first-hand experiences about the program. From what I've...
  2. C

    Cyber Security in Army question

    I am looking to possibly join the army after completing college and have a question about my options. I am majoring in cybersecurity and would like to have an MOS related to cybersecurity, such as cyber operations specialist(17C). The certifications and training you receive for that MOS would be...
  3. U.S. Cyber Command_USAF

    USAF AFSC 17D Information

    Hello, Its been a while (a couple years lol) since I posted something here. Hopefully, for those who are interested or know people who are interested in Cyberspace Operations for the USAF you'll find this information helpful. 1. What is a 17D? Someone who is designated the AFSC "17D" is...
  4. Z

    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Hello all, this will be my first post here, I've been interested in the Naval Academy since February of last year, for a multitude of reasons that others before me have had, but another reason that I believe is special to me. The Cyber Operations Major. Since November last year, I decided...
  5. R

    Commission into 17A after AROTC?

    When I start college I am interested in joining the army rotc. However, I have not been able to find out if it is possible to be commissioned into the army as a cyber operations officer (17A) after graduation. This is assuming I will receive a scholarship. I will be pursuing a cyber security...
  6. M

    Cybersecurity-which ROTC program?

    When considering a career in cybersecurity, does it make a difference if you choose AFROTC, NROTC or AROTC? All braches stress it’s importance, but based on the marketing materials it seems the Air Force is better positioned for a career in Cybersecurity, but is that true?