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    Defer AFROTC Scholarship for One Year?

    Here is my situation: I was awarded a four-year Army ROTC scholarship and am all squared away to attend Baylor University in the fall... BUT I have not yet been medically cleared through DODMERB. I am expecting to be cleared (they are only reviewing a laparoscopic appendectomy I had in February...
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    Apply Summer After Senior Year and Take Gap Year?

    I was very fortunate to receive a four-year ROTC scholarship this spring and I will be attending Baylor University in the Fall. I was talking with one of my buddies about the application process, and now he is interested in applying for a scholarship. He is now a senior in high school and plans...
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    Foolish to defer AFROTC scholarship for NROTC college option?

    Hello Everybody, For quite sometime it has been my dream to be a Naval Officer. For a while it was my dream to go to USNA, but I soon realized that I do not really care which commissioning route I take as the end result would be the same. Anyway, I recently received a 4 year type-7 AFROTC...