1. ThePilot18

    Civilian Internships While in AFROTC?

    Hi, As many of you know, lots of engineering majors require you to complete a civilian internship as part of the course. My question is, can I do both AFROTC (possibly on scholarship) and an internship in my junior year of college? (For example, a degree in Manufacturing Engineering requires a...
  2. A

    Soon to be graduating college student

    Hi there, I'm a soon to be graduating college student (receiving my Bachelor's) and I am highly considering joining the Air Force. I'm majoring in Adapted Physical Education. I'd like to know how my major may affect what I will do in the Air Force. I would like to end up flying "heavies", but I...
  3. F

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    My ultimate goal is to become a pilot in the Air Force. Though I also want to have the greatest chance possible to get an ROTC scholarship. Is it true that if I pursue, let's say, aeronautical engineering that I will most likely become an engineer in the Air Force? Will the major I choose affect...