1. H

    Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

    In the instructions for applicants offered admission it says: "Cadet candidates are responsible for ensuring they are dentally qualified prior to arriving at West Point. Any required dental treatment should be completed 30 days prior to R-Day, especially third molar (wisdom tooth) extraction or...
  2. PapaMedic

    Wisdom Teeth Wisdom?

    Can anyone shed light on the need to have wisdom teeth removed prior to reporting for I-day or NRTOC? My nephew who is an active duty submariner advised having my DD's wisdom teeth removed even if they were not giving her any problems, because several of his buddies were "told" that the Navy...
  3. J

    Retainers on I-Day

    Hello, I’ll be starting Plebe Summer on Thursday with the class of 2022 and had a question specifically regarding dental retainers. I got a permanent metal wire retainer put in behind my bottom front teeth after my braces were removed and I have a clear plastic retainer for the top teeth that I...
  4. M

    Dental Dilemma

    I received my appointment already. Today I went to a dentist for a cleaning and to give them one of the post-admission forms to clear me before R-day. However, It was discovered that I may need to undergo a (or possibly multiple) tooth extraction. I was previously advised not to do any...
  5. W

    X-Ray vs. Radiograph

    I'm in the process of scheduling an appointment with my dentist to complete all the dental screening paperwork, and I am a bit confused. In the "Instructions for Applicants Offered Admission" packet, it says that "X-rays in lieu of the above radiographs are not accepted." My dentist's...