1. T

    Injured at a service academy

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone out here can help me since I'm pretty much on my own. I was a part of the Class of 2025 at USNA and I DORed later that December due to medical issues. I had been injured during Plebe Summer when my hips gave out and I was first put on crutches for a few weeks and...
  2. houtx

    Air National Guard Disqualifying Factor Confusion

    I had an over-the-phone interview with a recruiter for the AF National Guard and I said yes to having taken medication, and he said it was a disqualifying factor. He continued with if I want to move forward, then we will, or I can think about it and call back. He also said I would have to...
  3. K

    ADHD and ROTC- possible DQ?

    Hello, I have been reading and noticed a lot going back and forth based on if I needed a waiver or if I would even be DQ based on where I read. Hopefully you can give me a more clear answer on whether this is something I should continue to pursue. I was prescribed some sort of ADHD meds(I think...