1. X

    Awaiting Receipt Of Remedial

    Because I was pending disqualification, DODMERB had me complete AMIs and I turned them in. When I emailed them the person responded saying they got my AMIs and would forward them and that it should take 15 business days to process. That was back on the first day of November. When I check my...
  2. YourTypicalGurllll


    I just joined today and need many questions answered mainly regarding the marine corps and mep disqualifications. It would be very helpful if somebody can answer me asap thx .
  3. W

    My chance of appointment? (Medical DQ)

    I live in Pullman, Washington and I am a candidate for the USAFA. Here's some of my info: CFA: Maxed out in- Shuttle Run Pull-ups Push-ups Sit-ups Above average in the basketball throw and a 6:11 on the mile Scores: 1500 on the SAT (730 on English, 770 on math) GPA:3.7 Congressional...