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    Am I medically qualified

    I have been worried about getting medically qualified for West Point for months now. I have a nomination and feel that the qualification is the only thing holding me back. I just got an email with my status, and it says that I am qualified and something will be mailed showing I am officially...
  2. B

    Shellfish allergy DQ for nrotc - is there anything I can do?

    I was awarded an NROTC scholarship earlier this year but was medically disqualified for a shellfish allergy. My dodmerb exam doctor wrote on the exam packet that my allergy was a non-issue but I was still disqualified anyway. A little about my allergy: - I have had ~2 reactions to eating...
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    Checklist Deadlines

    Hello, I am currently a candidate for 2026 USAFA applications, and I just submitted my Candidate Kit today (10/16). However, my checklist still has quite a few things on it, and I am not sure if I can complete them by my deadline of November 1st. The main ones that I am concerned about are my...
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    Non-Excercise Induced Asthma/Immuno Therapy

    SEEKING ADVICE, URGENT: I am a prospective candidate Naval and Air Force Academy candidate for the class of 2023. I am a significant way into my application, have an interview scheduled, and I believe I am a competitive candidate overall. Unfortunately, I had non-excercise induced asthma and...
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    I just want to verify this information: If an applicant has not heard back from DoDMERB within two weeks of their application submission, should they automatically assume they did not get an appointment?!
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    How to get a dodmerb?

    I know a dodmerb is required to contract. How is a dodmerb set up? Is it like MEPS but with a private doctor? I'm confused, help please! Thank you