1. R

    Luggage VS Backpack for I-Day

    I am slightly confused on the packing for I Day. There are 3 separate areas on my Inprocessing Checklist: Items to hand-carry inside the manila envelope, Items to hand-carry on your person (wearing on your person, in your wallet/billfold, or in a small bag or tote), and Items to pack in your...
  2. R

    Majors and Courses

    Do fourth class cadets select their courses and majors before their first year, or are your first courses selected for you? Like foreign language. I notice that foreign language is a core course that everyone has to take, but how is it decided what foreign language you’re going to take? Does...
  3. R

    Buying a Backpack

    I am a current Senior in high school, and next year I will be attending the Air Force Academy. I was wondering if I need to buy a backpack for the school year, or if I will be issued one once I start classes? Thanks!
  4. BmiraiC

    USAFA 4th Class Cadet Willing to Answer Questions

    Hello all, My name is Briana Carter, and I am a freshman here at the United States Air Force Academy. I am fresh out of basic and about two months into the academic year. Having gotten used to things, I've decided to open this thread; I'm hoping this will help as much as it helped me during my...
  5. 5Day

    Opportunity to Ski or Snowboard as a Doolie

    Thought I would start a new thread instead of going off topic. In a different thread @serendipity mentioned that doolies are allowed 2 personal items. I asked for some clarification on what was a "personal" item. (not have gone through a freshman year at a SA I have a hard time comprehending...