Opportunity to Ski or Snowboard as a Doolie


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Nov 18, 2015
Thought I would start a new thread instead of going off topic.
How often do cadets have the opportunity to go skiing? Should I not expect to make it out at all freshman year? Or is it something I can plan on doing once a month?
In a different thread @serendipity mentioned that doolies are allowed 2 personal items. I asked for some clarification on what was a "personal" item. (not have gone through a freshman year at a SA I have a hard time comprehending the restrictions imposed on freshman). One of their personal items was a snowboard, so there must be opportunities to ski as a freshman. Maybe @serendipity can sheed some light on how much snowboarding they are able to do.
My daughter (now a C2C) had a few opportunities to ski during her Doolie year. She keeps her snowboard at her sponsor's house. I believe they also have the opportunity to attend what is called Snofest which you can read about at www.snofest.com. She just purchased a season ski pass and just got back from three days of snow boarding at Keystone this last weekend. A few weeks ago, she was at Breckenridge. As a Doolie, it depends upon they're training on weekends and if they're able to get weekend passes.. also squad specific.. and finding an upperclassman to ride with.. so, it's rather difficult to give you an exact number.
You can snowboard or ski while here. We have been lucky this year in that most restrictions have come at the squadron level, and we still have unlimited passes (as stated by wing, I believe squadrons are not allowed to limit passes this semester, but they may still be able to restrict, which acts as a limit) So, assuming your squadron is doing their job and being good 4-degrees, you should not have a problem finding weekends to go snowboard etc. The hardest part is finding a ride, but there are normally many people going, so there should be someone who can take you, or let you borrow their car.
If you join Ski Club, they go out some weekends and they usually have SCAs (which means you don't have to use passes). The main thing this year was that it didn't start snowing until like November. From what I've heard, it usually snows earlier than that. With Ski Club, you will have a guaranteed ride, which can be the hardest part of trying to go anywhere on a weekend. And yes, Snofest is a great opportunity as well.
Our DS has snow boarded at Breckenridge and Keystone this year (I haven't even been to those places - a little parent envy) so it is possible and he loved it. So far they borrowed a car, rented a car and has joined the ski club (he hopes to go the next "free" weekend). He brought his stuff with him when he returned from Christmas break.
This year doolies have limits on the number of passes they have- 6 I think is the number. These can be used on weekends that are not training (silver) weekends. Plus, finding an upperclassman to let you borrow their car for an entire day or weekend to take to the mountains is pretty hard, since they have plans typically too. However, like other people mentioned earlier- the best way freshman year is to join the Ski club. They hand out SCAs, give solid transportation to and from the mountain, and you get to know other freshmen through the program.
Actually, we've had unlimited passes all year as long as we haven't been restricted (like before Parents' Weekend).
Actually, we've had unlimited passes all year as long as we haven't been restricted (like before Parents' Weekend).
You guys did last semester, yes. But this semester no, unless your squad has been lax on this.
I have been skiing lots, I have been to keystone twice and skied vail, beaver creek, breck, and aspen once each so it is possible. To get there, Renting a car is another option, and if you go with friends is really reasonable for the weekend. My skis and other gear is not one of my personal items. One of my upperclassmen lets me store them in their locker in the squad storage room.
When our son graduated from the Academy, I thought his diploma should say a minor in snowskiing and mountain jeeping as well as Spanish :) He spent alot of time in the mountains...including his freshman year snowskiing.