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    ECA and Classes Resume Opinions Requested

    Hello! I am currently aspiring to get appointed to the USNA class of '28, and a current 11th grade Junior. I plan on graduating high school in the year 2024 and am currently in the process of preparing for the USNA applications and researching the admissions process for it. I have a list of my...
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    Question About Leadership

    Hello there! I was looking through the USNA’a class profile, and I have a very important question. I saw that 66% of candidates are student body leaders. My school had the options of either having eighth period as a student body leader or as a JROTC leader. I chose to spend my eighth period...
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    Navy Cru

    Hello everyone. Current mid here. As you may or may not know, a traditional plebe summer allowed for Plebes to interact with various religious ECAs on Sunday mornings throughout Plebe summer. This summer, the leaders of these ECAs will not be able to lead studies/group meetings due to COVID-19...