1. C

    Sapper School Prep

    I am a cadet and received a Sapper School slot for this summer. To my understanding, the school has changed a bit over the last two years. During my preparation, I hear conflicting advice on how to prepare efficiently. Some say only focus on knots (I hear that I need to memorize the checkpoints...
  2. D

    How do the Licensed Marine Engineering Majors Work?

    I've seen this topic brought up a few times, but I need some clarification and advice. Probably in stupid question territory, but insight is needed. How do the Marine Engineering Systems and Marine Engineering/Shipyard Management majors compare? I've looked online at the curriculum, and they...
  3. N

    Opportunities for licensed engineers?

    Just wondering what the job prospects are for licensed engineers. Do you all see automation replacing engineering jobs in the future? Also, is it tough finding a job as a liscensed engineer in today’s market? Thanks!
  4. E

    Not Sure What to Commission

    Hello, I don't normally ask questions but I'm a sucker for info. So I am a mechanical engineer currently in Army ROTC as a 5 year scholarship kid. Going through my engineering curriculum, I have found that I enjoy Thermodynamics and converting heat to work but I also really enjoy explosives. My...
  5. M

    USNA or MIT

    Hello, Since decision day is right around the corner, I am seeking advice for a very important decision. I am seeking input from experienced people as to which school would be better for me: USNA or AFROTC at MIT. Let me start by describing my situation, career goals, and potential options. I...
  6. R


    Does anyone know about post graduation engineering in the AF? I spoke to a Academy grad who is a mech engineer, which is what I'm interested in for my major if I get accepted. He was telling me that there wasn't very much hands on work for any of the engineer disciplines with the exception of...
  7. KP2020Dad

    KP to Active Duty

    While my question is concerning my KP DS, this section may offer more diverse opinions than posting to the USMMA section alone. Here’s the situation: DS is a plebe and job offers to the graduating 1st Class midshipmen seems to be colder than previous classes. DS (and I’m sure other...
  8. F

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    My ultimate goal is to become a pilot in the Air Force. Though I also want to have the greatest chance possible to get an ROTC scholarship. Is it true that if I pursue, let's say, aeronautical engineering that I will most likely become an engineer in the Air Force? Will the major I choose affect...